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In all fairness when you start to comparision the 2 systems it gets a bit complicated, how many ultraterabananatreeflop vs megagigacellphonecastles but here is a Guardian Newspaper Comparison blog that trys, in my mind it’s XBOX before Christmas with a better looking box and live play out of the box, a ton of ‘good’ games and Microsoft backing them, with sony as a 2nd best in Games, Online, Launch date, looks, and with the most ugly controller ever made.

E3, PS3 and XBOX360 …

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Although I will probably have any console that has a game I want to play the XBOX360 is where my money lies, and I can’t help but enjoy an energetic presentation by Microsoft on this new toy, E3 is now flooding out images and videos of games for the next generation consoles, it’s all very exciting, roll on Christmas so I can play Project Gotham Racing 3!

PlayStation 3 Revealed

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The Sony E3 Media Briefing has concluded and it has been confirmed: the next-gen system will be called the PlayStation 3. Ken Kutaragi proudly took the stage and announced a number of the new features for the system.
Backwards compatibility with both PSone and PS2 games. Will use Blu-Ray discs for media; also supports: CD-ROM, CD+RW, DVD, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD+R, and SACD, Cell processor at 3.2GHz, 2.18 teraflops of performance, 512MB total RAM: 256MB XDR system RAM at 3.2 GHz; 256MB of GDDRVRAM at 700MHz,Slot that supports a detachable 2.5in HDD, Six USB ports; Memory Stick Duo, SD and Compact Flash support 2 HDMI outputs, 1 A/V output, 1 SPDIF optical output, and a 1 gigabit ethernet port, Video chat, Internet access, digital picture, audio, and video viewing, Capable of handling seven Bluetooth controllers, WiFi capable, Graphics Chip is called RSX “Reality Synthesizer” by nVidia, runs at 550MHz, 128 bit pixel precision and 1080p support, 300 million transistors; 90nm process, Said to be more powerful than two GeForce 6800 Ultras, obviously any of this could change…
Click here for some pics and here for a full spec.