iPhone 3.0

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Apple has announced the iPhone 3.0 software update which includes an updated Software Development Kit (SDK) with over 1,000 completely new APIs.

Here are a few highlighted features:

  • Search your iPhone
  • Cut, copy, and paste
  • Send photos, contacts, audio files, and location via MMS*
  • Read and compose email and text messages in landscape

And yes, I am running it (I have an Apple Developer Account), and so far I found one bug (on safari re-highlighting the address bar can sometimes make the address disapear) and an un-announced fearure (the call history list is now much more verbose)

iPhone Developer Provision Issue on Device

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After a number of compile to iPhone device issues, specifically: “entitlement ‘application-identifier’ has value not permitted by provisioning profile” and “Command /usr/bin/codesign failed with exit code 1”, I have worked out you can have one and only one developer provision and developer application on the iPhone at a time otherwise you get installation errors etc…

I also had to have the correct Bundle Identifier in the Info.plist file and make sure the ‘Code Signing Identity’ and ‘Code Signing Provisioning Profile’ was also correct.

Hopefully this is useful to someone, Good Luck!!!