Ban motors

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Not cars but motors that power hard drives!, and replace them with a 64mb Solid State Disk, Samsung (among others I’m sure) state that their drives are High-Performance, Low-Power, Light, Rugged and Reliable. So far tapes and CD’s and maybe even DVD’s and HD-DVD’s/Blue ray will become a classic device and any electronic device with moving parts just won’t hack it anymore, I wonder how long until the car engine becomes solid state?

My First DSLR

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After a good friend of mine let me take a few photos on his Nikon D40 I have took the plunge into the world of Digital Single-lens reflex cameras and purchased a Cannon 400D

In My Opinion Positives :

  • Very quick to turn on
  • Takes pictures quickly and many to grab the moment
  • Manual is good, easy to understand, comprehensive and small enough to carry in a bag
  • Love the 9 point focus
  • Easy to use the menus
  • Fast to change settings
  • Optic adjuster has fine settings and enough change support
  • Easy to plug into my mini USB
  • Works very well with Vista with both Raw format and picture support
  • Quality is very much better than my old portable Camera
  • Good quality 2.5 inch screen on the back
  • Preview operation is fast and functional
  • 10 mega-pixels seems the perfect resolution for my needs
  • Lots of options to learn when i`m ready, put very easy to learn the basic options for Portrait etc

In My Opinion Negatives :

  • After 4 or so flash photos it takes a while for the flash to recharge
  • I can’t seem to use raw file format for the auto modes
  • Cost (but comparable to other similar camera)
  • Needed to buy a bag for it (SlingShot 100 AW) as advised from another friend.
  • Could’t find a firmware patch path at Cannon, this is disappointing as I love to gain new features on gadgets

Overall the positives far out way the negatives and i`m very happy with my choice

Current Apple iPod and iPhone lineup

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The current Apple iPod and iPhone lineup looks quite impressive, you can’t say they are sitting back and waiting for the competition to win …

 Current Apple iPod and iPhone lineup

Microsoft Surface

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Microsoft Surface is in the works, it’s very exciting technology that will shape future interactivity, check out the Multi Touch Video for an insight into this fascinating advance, possible death of the mouse!

Coloured Bubbles! or should I say Zubbles

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The almost imposible task of creating coloured bubbles has been cracked! apparently ink just slips to the bottom of the bubble, and even if you manage to get the ink to stick. When the bubble pops you manage to die everything in different colours!, anyway not only did they get the ink to stick they also managed to get it to disapear, goto the Popular Scientist to read the details or just head over to the Zubbles Web Site.