Ban motors

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Not cars but motors that power hard drives!, and replace them with a 64mb Solid State Disk, Samsung (among others I’m sure) state that their drives are High-Performance, Low-Power, Light, Rugged and Reliable. So far tapes and CD’s and maybe even DVD’s and HD-DVD’s/Blue ray will become a classic device and any electronic device with moving parts just won’t hack it anymore, I wonder how long until the car engine becomes solid state?

Microsoft Surface

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Microsoft Surface is in the works, it’s very exciting technology that will shape future interactivity, check out the Multi Touch Video for an insight into this fascinating advance, possible death of the mouse!

Vista Launched Today!!!

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Bill Gates was in the UK for today’s Vista Launch, I have been using Vista on my home machine for over a month now, and so far I am very very happy with it.

Desktop of the future

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I just can’t help but be interested in a virtual file organiser like this Desktop of the future, it seems so much in line with a new world of computer operations, the most interesting use being picture organising which is currently a pain.

Flickr is great

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Flickr is a fantastic online photo sharing site with some great AJAX and Web 2.0 stuff, check my our site out at, if any Friends or Family are reading this, drop me an e-mail and I will add you to the private photo area.

Which Vista Edition is Right for You?

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ExtremeTech have a detailed breakdown on what features are present or missing in each version of Vista, check it out here.

Free Vista Ultimate Edition For Me

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I was one of the lucky receivers of a free Windows Vista ultimate edition (the next OS after XP for all you rock dwellers), as you can see in a recent post it’s worth a-lot of cash, I received it because I was invited to be a Microsoft Beta tester along with the other 19,999 on the beta team, you also had to log 1 or more bug (you didn’t know this), thanks Microsoft!!! it rocks!.