Ever had the need to search stored procedures to find redundant tables or text that needs replacing or re-factoring ?

Here’s a script to help (Sorry for the cursor, I’m sad with myself for using it 🙁 )

-- Search string
DECLARE @SearchString nvarchar(50)
SET @SearchString = 'Search String'
-- Required Declares
DECLARE @getdbname sysname
DECLARE @sqlstm nvarchar(1000)
DECLARE SeachCursor cursor FOR 
-- Get All The Names into the SeachCursor
SELECT '['+name+']' FROM [master].[dbo].[sysdatabases] ORDER BY name 
OPEN SeachCursor
-- Add the Search Pattern
SET @SearchString = '%' + @SearchString + '%'
--Get the first Name
FETCH NEXT FROM SeachCursor INTO @getdbname
	--set the statement to define the search condition, with variables
	SET @sqlstm = '
	SELECT [SP].[Specific_Catalog] AS [Database_Name], [SP].[Routine_Name] AS [Stored Procedure Name],[SP].[Routine_Definition] AS [Routine_Definition]
	FROM '+ @getdbname+'.[Information_Schema].[Routines] AS [SP]
	WHERE PatIndex('+''''+@SearchString+''''+', [Routine_Definition]) > 0'
	--Execute the Query
	EXEC (@sqlstm)
	FETCH NEXT FROM SeachCursor INTO @getdbname
--Close the Cursor and Deallocate it from memory
CLOSE SeachCursor

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