iPhone Developer Provision Issue on Device

After a number of compile to iPhone device issues, specifically: “entitlement ‘application-identifier’ has value not permitted by provisioning profile” and “Command /usr/bin/codesign failed with exit code 1”, I have worked out you can have one and only one developer provision and developer application on the iPhone at a time otherwise you get installation errors etc…

I also had to have the correct Bundle Identifier in the Info.plist file and make sure the ‘Code Signing Identity’ and ‘Code Signing Provisioning Profile’ was also correct.

Hopefully this is useful to someone, Good Luck!!!


  • mike says:

    Thank you so much. I had an extra cert in the key chain assistant that was causing Command /usr/bin/codesign failed with exit code 1.

  • John Grden says:

    Thanks VERY much – your instructions were a little vaque, but Mike’s reply tipped me off to run the Keychain First Aid app: Keychain Access > Keychain First Aid.

    verify first to see if there any errors. If so, run repair, then verify again. This fixed my problem

  • Phil says:

    Non of this worked for me but this did … hope it helps someone else!

    Make sure that the “executable file” name in info.plist, the “Executable” name on the properties tab of the target info panel and the “Product Name” in the “Packaging” section of the build tab of the target info panel are all the same, or that the first 2 are ${EXECUTABLE_NAME} and the third is your project name.

    This worked for me 🙂

  • Dave says:

    THANK YOU PHIL!!!!! 🙂

  • Zaaf says:

    Please be also sure that your developer certificate is correctly installed. This is what caused my error.


  • Mikesterific says:

    I’m a first time developer coming over from the design side and this is what got me around the problem. Although it’s the same advice given above, but in a visual format.

    I started here:

    I clicked on the “iPhone Developer Program Portal” (currently located in the upper right hand section of the site: http://developer.apple.com/iphone/manage/overview/index.action

    Under the portal resources (again upper right hand side) there’s a “How-To’s” video section. It shows the step-by-step of getting your app onto your iPhone. I was using the Launch Assistant, but it left out the step everyone here is talking about.

    The good stuff:
    When you create an app ID, you must create a name and a Bundle Identifier (they recommend this: com.yourdomain.yourappname). That’s the key.

    When you’re in project in XCode, look for the ‘Groups & Files” pane (it’s on the left for me). You’ll see a Red Bulleye icon labeled “Targets”. Expand that and you’ll see your app name below it. Double Click the app name. That should pop a new info window. Click the ‘Properties” tab at the top and put in your “com.yourdomain.yourappname” (minus the quotes) in the “Identifier” field.

    That did the trick for me. I’m so happy to see my app on the iPhone, I had to buy a new seat.

  • Jigar says:

    i have app id in my provision profile : XX
    My Project Name : Untitled
    in my info.plist
    Executable file: XX
    Bundle Identifier: com.companyname.XX
    BundleName :XX
    ProductName:XX (target>getInfo>build>productName)

    Then also i am gettinf this error ..

  • Guytz72 says:


  • Robin Kanters says:

    I got this problem when I moved my projects back to my Mac, from my iDisk… Make sure you don’t try to save them on your iDisk when you’ve iDisk syncing turned off!

  • Jonathan says:

    Thanks this also worked for me!

  • fede says:

    Yes! thanks! solved it!

  • Matthew says:

    Phil’s answer worked for me… How incredibly annoying that was. You just made my night, Phil! Woo hoo!

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