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Amy The Persian Cat

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A close up of our cat.. Amy

50mm prime lense is the way to go

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Gary Voth says we should get a 50mm prime lens for our digital cameras, and so do many other camera professionals, to quote Gary:

“If you are like most photographers just starting out with a new 35mm SLR, chances are it came with one of those ubiquitous 28-80mm (or similar) “consumer” zooms. In the last 15 years these inexpensive lenses have all but replaced the traditional 50mm prime lens as the starter optic for 35mm photographers. The 50mm lens, once the mainstay of 35mm photography, has been all but forgotten by today’s photographers.”

So it looks like i made a great choice with my new primary lens the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 EX DC HSM Lens (approx 50mm DSLR Equivalent), for me the results speak for them selves

Wallaby Side On

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Many more pics on flickr, but this is one I took this weekend on my new lens