My First DSLR

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After a good friend of mine let me take a few photos on his Nikon D40 I have took the plunge into the world of Digital Single-lens reflex cameras and purchased a Cannon 400D

In My Opinion Positives :

  • Very quick to turn on
  • Takes pictures quickly and many to grab the moment
  • Manual is good, easy to understand, comprehensive and small enough to carry in a bag
  • Love the 9 point focus
  • Easy to use the menus
  • Fast to change settings
  • Optic adjuster has fine settings and enough change support
  • Easy to plug into my mini USB
  • Works very well with Vista with both Raw format and picture support
  • Quality is very much better than my old portable Camera
  • Good quality 2.5 inch screen on the back
  • Preview operation is fast and functional
  • 10 mega-pixels seems the perfect resolution for my needs
  • Lots of options to learn when i`m ready, put very easy to learn the basic options for Portrait etc

In My Opinion Negatives :

  • After 4 or so flash photos it takes a while for the flash to recharge
  • I can’t seem to use raw file format for the auto modes
  • Cost (but comparable to other similar camera)
  • Needed to buy a bag for it (SlingShot 100 AW) as advised from another friend.
  • Could’t find a firmware patch path at Cannon, this is disappointing as I love to gain new features on gadgets

Overall the positives far out way the negatives and i`m very happy with my choice

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